Telescope Making

The Bolton Group - Brian Webber, Gerald Bramall and David Ratledge

This page features some of the telescopes made and work undertaken by the Bolton Astronomical Society trio of Gerald Bramall, Brian Webber and David Ratledge. Gerald is a self taught machinist specialising in aluminium fabrications. Brian is ex-British Aerospace and an optics maker of some renown having made tens of mirrors, a 5 inch object glass, a Maksutov and a Springfield mounted Newtonian. Myself I have been making telescopes for 40 years but still suffer from "aperture fever"!

Update 2014 - Construction of a new Pair of 8-inch Binos is complete - just waiting for the mirrors to be aluminised. Details and images to come.


star award

mark2 binos

Minimalist 200mm Binos

The dynamic duo have done it again!
Click on the image left for details.


300mm Binoculars MarkII

Finished for Kelling Heath 2006. these lightweight 12-inchers feature easy breakdown for one man operation. SOLD


8.5 inch Ultra-light Binoculars

New inter ocular adjuster and light-weight design create very user-friendly binoculars.


12 inch binos

12-inch Binoculars MarkI

Superb binoculars with eyepieces at 45 degrees.


8-inch binos

Original 8-inch Binoculars

The binos that began the revolution showing binos could be practical and perform. SOLD



400mm Newtonian

Big fast f/4.7 Newtonian with computer goto


RC telescope

8-inch Ritchey-Chretien

Probably the most difficult optics we have attempted.

Camera Tracker

Several of the group needed a lightweight camera tracker that was better (and cheaper!) than the expensive scissor type now on the market. This was the solution.

mark2 binos

200mm Rumak

Maksutov Cassegrain with separate secondary mirror for even better optical corrections.


8-5inch binos

Dew Heaters

In the damp Lancashire climate Dew Heaters are one of life's essentials


12 inch binos

3 of the Best


3 totally different telescopes


5-inch Refractor

Classic refractor for superb planetary views


8-inch binos

Poor Man's Paramount

German equatorial mount that has Byer's gears and is red but it's not a paramount!


guider star finder

Focuser and Guide-star Finder

Details of a few gadgets