Some sites worth visiting!

Amateur Sites

Anthony Jennings Photography Accomplished local (astro)photographer specialising in 3D.
Ross Wilkinson's Webpages Checkout the fabulous image of Saturn being occulted by the Moon taken from Bolton
Rob Johnson's Astronomy Multi-talented imager from Liverpool. Don't miss the spectrosopy section and the light-box design.

Christian Buil - home of IRIS software. Brilliant freeware for Webcams, DSLR, and CCD cameras.
Robert Gendler Stunning Images from his driveway!
Tim Puckett's HomePage. This is Supernova home - some impressive telescopes too! See also Apogee Cameras
Courtney McNally's Observatory Guide Tips for building an observatory in your back garden.

Astro Ads

UK Astronomy Buy & Sell The biggest UK site for secondhand astro kit. No login/password required for buying (only if selling)
AstroBuy&Sell New UK site not to be confused with the above.
Astromart. Unfortunately requires a subscription now. Mainly USA.
Australia Astronomy Buy & Sell Looks just like the UK site! Pick up a bargain on holiday.

Astro General

Top 25 Astronomy Nasa Photos of All time- very useful online resource of scanned Astronomy books (and others) in pdf format.

Top 25 Public Observatories- very useful online resource of scanned Astronomy books (and others) in pdf format.


RCOS - RC Optical System, real Ritchey-Chretien Telescopes
Software Bisque - Home of the Paramount!
Andor/Apogee - CCD Astro Cameras - now owned by Andor and Belfast based.
Ian King Imaging - Probably the best UK supplier.
Astronomy Now The UK's top astro magazine and is much improved.
Sky and Telescope Used to be the best but has it dumbed down?
Springer (UK) Probably the leading publisher of Astronomy books!


Bolton Astronomical Society The Society's web pages are under going a huge improvement!
Liverpool Astronomical Society Probably the oldest Society in the country! Don't miss the 30inch Dobsonian
Society for Popular Astronomy Main national society for beginners of ALL ages!


XC Weather UK Probably the best source of observing weather for the UK
EUMETSAT Real time cloud cover for UK


My other life

Lancashire's Roman Roads - Updated 2018. New home, new discoveries and loads more maps & images.
Cumbria's Roman Roads - New for 2018. All Cumbria's Roman roads in detail.
Cheshire's Roman Roads - New for 2019. All Cheshire's Roman roads in detail.
Norfolk's Roman Roads- New for 2020. All Cumbria's Roman roads in detail.
MARIO - Maps old and new, Aerial Photos, public footpaths and speed camera locations for Lancashire!
Old Maps of Lancashire - digitised maps from 1350 to the 1900s.
Historic Highways of Lancashire - From the Romans to the Motorway era(Now archived).

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