The arrival of electronic imaging devices, CCD and CMOS sensors, has revolutionised astronomical imaging for the amateur and professional astronomer. The quality, range and power of equipment available to the amateur imager today is mind blowing. That revolution has also come at a staggering pace and film is now just a memory for us older generation! There has never been a better time to be an active imager.

Note: just as one telescope cannot do everything so one camera cannot do everything! I use DSLRs, a CCD camera and a webcam. Each has its own strengths and one is not necessarily "better" than the others.

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Digital SLR Imaging

Huge colour sensors at low prices - that's what DSLRs have brought to the market place.

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CCD Cameras

Dedicated astronomical CCD cameras

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12 inch binos


Low cost Lunar-Planetary Imaging

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mark2 binos

Infra-Red Imaging

Penetrate through the Milky Way and see galaxies hidden behind our galaxy.

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8-5inch binos

Constellation Imaging

Create colourful constellations just like Akira Fujii but the easy way!

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12 inch binos

Imaging at the Edge

Looking back to the dawn of time by imaging the high redshift quasars.

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